BNCís Technological Vision

"Your digital lifestyle is always more advanced than the options available in your car" - BNC is resolving this gap.

Different Paces Result in Compromise
Automotive technology is advancing with a slower pace in regards to personal digital technology. This demands that drivers compromise.
This compromise is even greater when cars are exported, due to incomplete localization.
BNC's aim is to answer the demand for 'Up-to-Date Driver Experience’, especially while driving luxury/advanced automobile models.

No Digital Compromise
What if the latest digital technology and applications could always be available in their car, if their car infotainment system could be easily upgraded for new apps?

BNC’s systems are designed to ‘bridge the technological gap’ and provide seamless, advanced digital driver solutions within the most advances automobile models, while maintaining original video quality and communicating with original manufacturer apps.

The 'BNC platform' solves the localization problems by opening the car to new technologies, while using full integration with the existing vehicle display and environment. They display English/local languages, are installed with plug-and-play and provide superior driver functionality.

Automotive Fleet Management Solutions
Additionally, BNC Platform's capabilities enable us to provide advanced business Solutions for Fleet Management – for markets like TAXIs, Transportation, Waste management, and more.
BNC eliminates the add-on black boxes and provides a more useful and friendly interior, with simple upgrades for new applications.

BNC Systems - Making Cars Smarter


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