DDA is currently available for the following auto-models:


Smart Connect

Connect driver Smart-phones to the original car display and touch controlls, for a complete driver digital experience.
Product is in late-development phase, and still in stealth mode.




Flagship Product Line - the DDA Platform

BNC's flag product line, named DDA (Digital Driver Assistant) is aimed at providing navigation, multimedia, infotainment and other auto-telematics solutions for luxury and high-end car models. With custom-made BNC adaptors, this platform seamlessly connects to each car-model, its communication buses and physical hardware & interfaces: LCD display, touch screens, driver buttons/dials, etc.

The DDA platform is a cutting edge solution for redirecting video streams, and replacing/enhancing original infotainment platforms: replacing onboard navigation software with a locally adapted one, running various aftermarket applications such as TV Tuner & cameras, providing additional car-connectivity and integrating between drivers' Smartphone and the onboard display & interfaces.

DDA provides the ‘original’ driver experience with new/local applications – reading the communication and utilizing all the original driver-inputs: touch-screen, buttons and dials inputs.

DDA is designed to emulate the original infotainment-behavior at any driving scenario. 
Emulation examples:
The display screen returns from presenting 'DDA applications' to presenting its original OEM infotainment-features - at the press of desired buttons;
Original OEM screen is shown at car-door opening and at shifting to reverse-gear;

GPS & Navigation Capabilities

Integrated GPS capabilities are built into the DDA platform, to enable a seamless driver navigation experience.
DDA is compatible to running the “iGo” navigation software by “NavN’Go”, with its dozens of languages, local maps and POI’s.

Aftermarket Peripherals Integration

The DDA platform enables a vast utilization of aftermarket auto-peripherals & digital accessories. High-quality video output and full on-screen display ensure an enhanced driver experience, and additional selling-point to aftermarket installers.

Optional peripherals include:

  • Additional proximity sensors and their display;
  • Digital TV-tuner and Video Inputs;
  • Rear and front cameras, and more.

Auto-Connectivity Enhancement

The DDA platform is built as a stand-alone hardware running an independent OS, capable of integrating additional auto-connectivity features by demand.

Examples include:

  • USB;
  • Bluetooth;
  • Cellular;
  • Wi-Fi, and more.

This functionality is delivered according to customer demand.

Smartphone Integration

The DDA platform serves as a gateway for connecting the most advanced Smartphones, video & audio streams and touch inputs, with automobiles’ original displays and sound systems.

DDA is a proprietary BNC hardware and software platform, "Making Cars Smarter".


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