DDA is currenly available for the following auto-models:



Ford DDA Models

Ford DDA is designed for the Edge and Explorer models, yet its compatible with all MyFord Touch® systems.

Specific features of this DDA model:

  • Switch to Navigation - by long pressing (2 sec) the home button on the touch screen.
    With old MyFord Touch® versions - pressing the home and then the Ford option.
  • Switch back - by pressing  the exit button on the screen (button appears on touching the screen and fades out after a few seconds).
  • Cameras - compatible with the original rear camera or with aftermarket rear and front cameras. 
  • Receiving Calls - optionally, while in navigation mode, the incoming call is prompted with an on-screen message - drivers can choose to answer or not. 
    Not answering - activates switch back to 'navigation mode'
    Answering - drivers can switch back to 'navigation mode' manually while call is in progress, or the DDA would switch back automatically to 'navigation mode' after call ends.
  • Seamless Integration - turning off the motor and opening the doors switches the display into 'clock mode' even while in 'navigation mode'.

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