DDA is currenly available for the following auto-models:



Cadillac DDA Models

The Cadillac DDA model is designed for the CTS and SRX with its unique roll-up/down display. diffrent product module designed for the new CUE

Specific features of this model:

  • Switch to Navigation - pressing the NAV or DEST buttons.
  • Switch back - pressing the RADIO or other buttons.
  • Cameras - compatible with the original rear camera or with aftermarket rear and front cameras.
  • Seamless Integration - remembering the last state when turning the car off, to completely 'hide' the original Cadillac navigation.

diffrent product module designed for the new CUE systems. (2013) SRX and ATS

additional featurs:

  • touch buttons integration - when adjusting the volume or climet control, while on navigation mode, the screen shows the information for a few seconds.
  • multi touch screen -  enable to zoom in\out by two fingers.
  • touch feed back - enable to use the original touch feedback on the navigation mode.

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