BNC Systems - What Do We Develop?

The Connected Car is a Zero-error environment, so connected-apps must be totally separated from critical car-networks. SmartCar provides this 'air-gap' architecture – an automotive hardware & software application platform that fully connects apps with car networks yet keeps cars & drivers secure. SmartCar turns every existing and future car-console into a safe-and-secure connected device with navi, diagnostics, fuel-saving, car-and-emergency services, ride-share, insurance and various other connected car-apps.

BNC Systems develops infotainment platforms and innovative solutions for high-end automobiles. Our platforms are designed to -

  • Operate added-value applications - advanced aftermarket & custom-made driver applications - used 'on-top-of' the original OEM system. 
    Examples: on screen multi-language navigation, added cameras, proximity sensors, TV tuners and full Smartphone integration.
  • Integrate Seamlessly with automobiles - plug-and-play with advanced OEM infotainment systems, such as MyFord Touch. Utilizing OEM built-in display and driver interfaces;
  • Read and process auto/driver inputs - reading vehicle CAN-Bus, driver inputs (via touch, buttons & dials) and other auto-inputs;
  • Enhance driver display - enhancing driver HMI's on-top-of OEM systems - for example, manipulating HD video signal, providing full Smartphone display integration and more.

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